Winter Defog Care

Winter Is Coming! Here is How to Defog Your Car Windows!

The fog on your car windows can be a real annoyance during the winter months. It makes visibility drop and it’s not fun when you’re trying to get somewhere on time! But there are quick solutions so that this doesn’t happen again this winter.

Why do Car Windows get Fogged Up?

Cold winter weather brings a lower relative humidity point. The cool air generally holds less moisture than warm, interior environments and getting into our cars with wet jackets or snow on shoes are classic examples of how we further increase the amount foggy breath inside vehicles! But it doesn’t stop there, in addition to breathing in hot humid fumes from those cups of coffee or coco while driving around town.
How Can I Defog My Windows Fast?

Step 1
Wait you want me to what?
Yes as counter intuitive as it sounds you need to turn on the Ac
Turning on the ac will pull excess moisture out of the air and defrost your windshield much quicker.

Step 2

As soon as you get into your car you should turn the heat on high. Heating the air in the car will absorb the moisture fast and efferently.

Step 3
Crack a Window
Crack a window! Crack them all! The more you deal with a bit of cold breeze the faster the fog will melt away.

Step 4
Stop the circulation!
Turn off the air recirculation. The air recirculation will push more humid air back into the car. So step 3 is turn it off and watch the fog dissipate quicker.

So, to sum it up!

The fastest way to eliminate the fog from your car windows and windshield is a four-step process.

Turn on the A/C
Put the heat on high.
Roll down the car windows.
Deactivate the air recirculation.