What kinds of windshield damage are eligible for repair?

The windshield on your car is one of the most important safety features. It protects the driver and passengers from debris, rocks, and other objects that may hit the windshield while driving. Because of this, it’s important to know what kinds of windshield damage can be repaired so you can get back on the road safely as quickly as possible. If you have a small crack or chip in your windshield, you don’t need to panic—many repair services specialize in fixing minor chips and cracks. If the crack or chip is larger or has broken out past the surface of the glass, though, you should find a service that specializes in more advanced repairs. A cracked or damaged windshield doesn’t mean that you can’t drive your car until it’s fixed. Depending on how big the crack is, you might be able to repair it yourself with a DIY kit or have a trusted friend do it for you. Either way, there are several options when it comes to repairing your cracked or damaged windshield.

Small Repairs: What Kinds of Windshield Damage Can Be Repaired?

A small chip or crack in your windshield shouldn’t get in the way of safe driving. Many repair services can fix small chips and cracks quickly and easily, without replacing the entire windshield. That’s because the glass in windshields is laminated, meaning the layers of glass have a plastic or resin layer between the two pieces of glass. This layer allows the repair technician to repair the chip or crack without removing the entire windshield. If the damage is on the outside of the car and it’s not too big, you can probably get it repaired without replacing the whole windshield. That’s because windshields are expensive and heavy, and removing and replacing them can be risky and time-consuming.

Medium Repairs: What Kinds of Windshield Damage Cannot Be Repaired?

If the damage to your windshield is more extreme, it may be too big for a simple repair. If the damage is on the inside of the glass, it cannot be repaired at all. If the damage is on the outside of the glass and is too big to be repaired, you’ll need a replacement windshield. Damaged caused by a crack that goes all the way through the glass – If the damage is on the inside of the windshield, it cannot be repaired at all. If the damage is on the outside and goes all the way through the glass, the windshield will have to be replaced.

Advanced Repairs: What Kind of Damage Requires an Advanced Repair?

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you can’t repair the damage to your windshield. That’s when you’ll need to find an advanced repair service that can replace your windshield. Extremely curved windshields – Extremely curved windshields are almost impossible to replace. When you replace a windshield, you remove the damaged windshield and put in a new one. But with an extremely curved windshield, you can’t remove it safely. Extremely large windshields – Large windshields are very difficult to remove and replace, so they’re more likely to need an advanced repair. Specialized equipment is required to remove and replace large windshields, which can make the process very expensive.

How to Find a Reputable Auto Glass Repair Service?

When you find an auto glass repair service, make sure they have experience repairing windshields. If they mainly specialize in replacing windshields, they may not be able to repair your windshield. This may be cheaper, but it can take longer and put you at risk of being without a car for even longer. To find a reputable windshield repair service, ask a friend for a recommendation or do some research online. Make sure the repair service is near you so you don’t have to drive a long distance for the repair. You’ll also want to make sure the repair service can get to you quickly so your car can get back on the road as soon as possible.


When your windshield is damaged, you might think you need a new one. But often, a simple repair can get you back on the road faster and cheaper. Make sure you know what kinds of damage can be repaired and what kinds require an advanced repair. When you need your windshield repaired, make sure you choose a reputable service. Ask friends for recommendations or do some research online to find the best repair service near you. A quick and easy repair can get you back on the road in no time.