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Insurance Woes? Let a local shop help.

You're driving down the 99 freeway behind semi-trucks. Not to mention the other construction trucks. A rock or piece of gravel gets kicked up. Now you're staring at a crack the size of the Bakersfield sign across your windshield. Another headache to deal with.

Insurance providers are quick to recommend big name national shops. Places where there's a 1-800 number to reach customer service. Press 1 for English, 2 for Spanish. Speaking with agents who, let's be honest, probably haven't heard of Bakersfield. Sure, they'll help with your auto glass insurance claim, but there's a better choice.

We'll help you with your auto glass insurance claim from start to finish. We'll even help with the deductible so you can be sure to pay as little out of pocket as possible. We're Bakersfield born and raised looking out for locals like they're family. Auto glass repair shouldn't be a headache. We'll make it hassle free.

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